At PerfectSathi we believe in the transparent and clear refund policy. All the payments for the different services offered by PerfectSathi need to be paid 100% in advance. The payments for services once paid will be non- refundable. All purchases related to membership are final. The service provider does not refund or cancel any fees.

Any exceptions to the PerfectSathi refund policy can only be made at the sole discretion of PerfectSathi. No refunds are generally made if you upgrade the plan in the last month before expiry. Any refunds, if applicable is made in Indian Rupees and generally takes around three weeks of processing time.

If the payment is made using an international card, then the payment gateway automatically converts the amount into the equivalent local currency at the time of the refund. With a flexible and easy to understand refund policy, we are committed to serving you to the best of our abilities for your optimum satisfaction.